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The Best Internet Marketing & SEO Company In Delaware?

Finding the best search engine optimization company in DE

If you are a local business owner in the state of Delaware, then you have probably realized by now that in order to get an edge on your competition, you have to have an online presence. There is pretty much no choice in the matter. It is not optional in today’s day and age If you are not online you are going out of business. End of story.

But is being just online enough? We don’t think so. And in this article we will explain why. It’s not enough to just be online, just like in real estate, you need a prime location online. It doesn’t matter how nice your website is or how good your products or services are if no one knows who you are or can find you. But maybe you are saying, well I already have a local presence of steady customers that know me? Well maybe that is the case, and if you are content where you are and do not want to grow your business further or larger. Then fine. Stick with your current client base. But if you are looking to grow and expand, than read on.

search engine optimization

Online marketing tactics

Paid Advertising

The first thing people think of when it comes to online marketing is paid advertising such as google adwords. Where you pay a set amount of money per click to have your ad shown to potential buyers that are searching for your specific keywords. Do these work? Yes. But there are a few problems. 1) The click through rate on paid ads is only 10%. 2) Someone can just outbid you to take the #1 ad spot 3) Do you ever click ads? Cause I don’t.


Now option two is search engine optimization. SEO is probably the most effective form of internet marketing. Why? Because the click through rate of the number one organic ranking is 30-40% on average. Purchasing seo services is often cheaper, especially in a smaller state like Delaware where the search volumes are lower. So keep this in mind when choosing an internet marketing company.